Best 3 Penis Extenders for Bigger & Harder Erections

Have you always wanted to have a bigger penis?

Are you thinking about purchasing a penis extender so that you can meet this need?

Before you make your final purchase, there are a few things that you need to know about these products so that you can select the best extender. Take a couple minutes, let this information percolate in your mind, and you’ll be able to make an empowered decision to meet your goal of having a larger dick.

After reading this article, you’ll know:

  • what extenders work best for your body,
  • how a penis extender operates,
  • if you can actually increase the size and width of your dick, and
  • whether you should purchase one for yourself today.

How Can You Tell Which Extenders Are the Best Ones?

The internet is filled with a wide variety of products and they all claim to be the best at what they do. The first thing that you should look for in selecting the best penis extender is what kind of comfort the product can provide you. Once you find the most comfortable extenders, you can then measure how effective they are to choose the best one.

That’s what this chart will let you do right now. It lets you easily compare and contrast makes and models of the best products that are available for purchase today!

Have You Heard of 58 Way Support?

There’s a good chance that you’re not like any other guy on the face of the planet. There might be some guys that look like you and some guys might even be built like you, but that doesn’t mean they are exactly like you. Penis sizes might fit into common categories like extra small or magnum, but how those sizes are supported is completely unique.

That’s why a 58 way support system is absolutely critical to the success of any penis extender.

Comfort is the key to having a successful experience because you’ll need to wear this medical device for up to 10 hours per day depending on the make and model that you choose. This way, whether you’re uncircumcised or just extremely small, you can still have the extension experience you feel that you need.

How Does an Extender Actually Work?

Penis extenders work because they encourage the tissues of your penis to expand and grow. This is done through a natural traction process, which is often referred to as “stretching.” By expanding the size of your tissues and the chambers in your penis that are responsible for erections and size, you get an erection that will have a noticeable and permanent change in size.

According to, penis extenders are commonly used to treat Peyronie’s Disease (men who are afflicted with a crooked penis).

To expand the size of your tissues, you need to have a safe way that encourages cell division. That’s where the stretching comes into play! Your body naturally evolves to changing conditions and that’s what an extender provides. With consistent stretching, your cells will want to divide and that creates growth. Skin cells regenerate about once per month, which means at the end of every 4 weeks, if you take comparison photographs, you’ll be able to see noticeable changes in size.

In order of this medical device to work properly, however, you must follow the directions supplied by the device to the letter. Some guys feel like they can take shortcuts by wearing an extender for longer than the recommended time or by adding more pressure to their tissues to stimulate faster growth, but all this does is increase the risk of injury.

The best penis extenders bring safe traction technology to you. All you’ve got to do is decide if using one is the right decision for your life right now.

Is Using a Penis Extender the Right Decision To Make?

A penis extender is the ONLY WAY to encourage your body to develop a permanently larger penis.

There are a lot of companies who spend millions of dollars on marketing every year to convince guys otherwise, but you can’t argue with science! If you’re thinking about taking some pills or using a pump as a cheaper option for a permanent result, then just stop. Stop right now. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment later on.

The reason why these marketing efforts for products other than an extender work is because they show guys immediate results. Pumps can make a erection temporarily larger and male enhancement pills can maximize the size that guys already have so that their dick SEEMS larger.

The only way to get a permanent increase in size is to use a penis extender on a regular basis.

The type of penis extender you use also has an effect on the experience that guys have. Cheap products don’t provide any comfort options, which means they are often taken off before the recommended time. This means it takes longer for the tissues to divide and when they do, not as much division takes place because there isn’t the right amount of traction applied.

That’s why finding a penis extender that offers a 58 way system of comfortable support is definitely the way to go. Designed to be discreet so they can be worn all day, even while at work, this type of medical device is the safest, most comfortable way to apply traction.

Look for 58 way comfort-strap technology to get the best results!

Is a Penis Extender the Right Choice For You?

Let’s just put it out on the table right now. Guys – if you have a penile that’s between 5-6 inches, then you’re probably not going to get much enjoyment out of using a penis extender. The average penis size for men, encompassing all races, is about 5 inches. If you’re above that average, then you’re already bigger than 50% of guys!

Penis extension is best for those men who have a small penis when compared to the overall average. You could be a good candidate with a penis that is less than 5 inches long when you have a full-blown erection going on.

The one exception to this size rule is if you’re having trouble maintaining an erection. If you can get it up, but you can’t keep it up regularly, then the traction that is placed on your penis with an extender can work to correct the blood flow issues that are creating erection issues.

Over time, you’ll get longer, harder penis.

Some guys also think about using a traction device because they feel like their penis is too curved.

A straight dick looks awesome, right?

A slight curvature of the penis is normal, however, and nothing that needs to be corrected. A curvature that creates difficulty in penetration, however, can be straightened with a safe, high quality medical device that has been fully tested.

Has a Penis Extender Failed You In the Past?

Some guys might be laughing right about now. That’s because they’ve tried a penis extender in the past and received zero results for their efforts. Guys: you can do everything right and not experience any penis growth! That’s the mystery of medical science – no two people are exactly the same. Just don’t give up on a penis stretching if you truly need a larger erection because the other alternatives just aren’t as safe. Even penile doctors recommend it as viable solutions.

That’s right – we’re talking about surgery. Many doctors will recommend surgery for guys so they can get up to an inch or two more of visible length, but this is an expensive and time intensive process. It takes about 6 months of rehabilitation after the surgery to give yourself a shot at having a permanent result. There’s no guarantee that the surgery will work and here’s the real catch: some guys come out of their surgery with a SMALLER PENIS.

Why risk that? Stretching, when performed properly, has the best chance of a permanent result. Pumps and pills might make you feel good now, but what happens the next day? You go back to the same size. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Invest into a 58 way support system that is comfortable, increase the amount of traction you have every day, and you’ll have a better chance to see good results.

What About Other Methods To Get a Larger Penis?

There are four basic methods to help guys get a larger penis outside of stretching through the use of an extender.

  1. Surgery. This expensive method has no guaranteed results and requires just as much of a time investment as a penis extender does.
  2. Pills. Male enhancement pills might claim to make you bigger, but what they do is solve erection problems. If you can’t get it up, a pill might work for you. If you can’t keep it up, then a penis extender is a better option.
  3. Pumps. A water-assisted pump is a good overnight option to make a great first impression. If you pump too much, however, you might find yourself with an intimate doctor’s appointment instead of an intimate bedroom appointment.
  4. Topical Creams. A number of lotions and creams are available to spur increases in blood circulation, but these can create irritation to your sexual partner and when they’re not happy, you’re not going to have sex.

How Is a Penis Enlargement Extender Used?

For most extenders, all you’ve got to do is assemble it according to the directions that are included with the product. Many of them come fully assembled and all guys need to do is adjust them to fit properly. This is the biggest time investment because getting used to the fit and feeling of an extender can take up to a month in some instances.

It is important to set the amount of traction properly during the initial setup phase. You don’t want the traction to be too light, but injuries happen when you set the traction levels too high. Start at the base setting and then work your way up to your maximum level of comfort. If you’re uncomfortable, go down a level in tension.

Although extenders are medical devices, some products require a hygienic disinfection before wearing. You may need to use hot water to clean the extender or apply a topical disinfectant that works with your device.

Slippage is the most common problem that guys face when using an extender, especially during the first couple of weeks. Erections are common until the feeling becomes normal and this can cause the extender to fall off. If this is an ongoing problem, look for an adaptive extender that can adjust itself automatically when you do have an erection.

What Should Guys Expect To See After Using a Penis Extender?

There are three common results that guys seen after using a penis stretching extender for the recommended amount of time.

  • A bigger penis in both the flaccid and erect states.
  • A straighter dick when a curvature was initially present.
  • A harder erection that lasts longer when sexual contact isn’t present.

There are a lot of guys that say their erection feels heavier and thicker after using an extender as well. Increases in girth are also possible and this creates more friction, which ultimately means more sexual satisfaction. This is often combined with an increase in confidence and that’s what a partner is ultimately attracted to when it comes to sex.

In Conclusion…

Now that you’ve invested a couple minutes, what do you think? Should you be getting a penis extender?

Here’s the bottom line: if you think it will help you in any way, then you should proceed. Look for a device that is medically approved, has a 58 way comfort system, and a money back guarantee so that you can protect your investment.

In return, you’ll be able to avoid pills, surgery, and pumps that won’t provide you with the permanent result that you want. At all costs, avoid the cheap online products that have boastful marketing claims – you’ll just lose your money!

Penis extenders have a fair price, especially considering the fact that they are a proven treatment. You won’t get a result overnight from using one, but you should see some progress every 4 weeks or so. It’s the only real way to have a bigger penis that is safe, affordable, and permanent!