Jelqing Techniques Use these techniques to improve your jelq

It has been proven that jelqing can increase your penis size. However it is important to understand and learn the correct jelqing technique for best results. If you do not learn how to jelq properly then you are only going to be wasting time and effort and not seeing any changes in your penis length.

If you follow my advice, and simple step by step instructions you will start to see results. But do understand that it takes years of dedication, and you must do it every day. If you are looking to increase your penis size quickly then check out a list of penis products I have tested and reviewed.

Before you start jelqing

One of the most important tips on how to jelq starts right before you even begin, and that is always, ALWAYS use lubrication. You will need this to help preform the milking technique used for jelqing, and to stop any friction burns or discomfort. The best lubrications are water based and oil based and you should be able to pick these up from your local shop. DO not use any type of lotion or soap, I have found that these cause irritation and itchiness on the penis, and no one wants that.

Which lubricants to use for jelqing?

The best lubricants I have used are water based lubricants like KY Jelly, Astroglide and Enlargel. (in fact the last lubricant has been specifically designed for jelqing) For oil based lubricants I would use something like baby oil or essential vein oil. If you do go ahead and use baby oil then consider getting the baby oil with added vitamin  E and Aloe. Vitamin E is especially good for your skin so will leave your penis looking really healthy.   

What is the right erection level for jelqing?

Because jelqing is performed at a semi-erect state it is important to take into consideration your erection level when you jelq. You do not want to jelq when your penis is too erect, this can cause injury and has no effect on stretching the tissue around the penis as they already will be if you have  a big erection.

However you do want to jelq with your penis with some degree or erection, you do not want to jelq with a flaccid penis as this will not stimulate tissue growth or blood flow. Think of an erection level in terms of a percentage. Standing naked in a room with Megan Fox, who is also naked and staring at the bed, would probably get most men to a full blown 100% erection. Then on the complete opposite side a flaccid, non-erect penis would be 0%.

When it comes to jelqing you generally want your erection level to be between 50% and 75%. Although I suggest when you first start jelqing keep it more towards the 50% and then as you progress down the months and your jelqing technique improves start to jelq with an erection level of more towards the 75%. This helps stop the muscle and tissue from getting used to the same erect state making them work harder increasing blood flow.

What to look out for when jelqing

Getting an erection during jelqing

I hear a lot of people say, “I get too erect when I jelq!” If you’re new to jelqing then unfortunately this will happen, you will for a while end up getting a full blown erection.

Like with learning anything new jeqing takes patience and practise, and you will learn to stop the erections before they get too much.  What I suggest you do until that point is if you have an erection during a jelqing session is to just stop jelqing.

Wait for it to pass and then continue jelqing again, but with time you will learn to rise above this problem. No pun intended.

Baseball bat penis shape from jelqing

If you do not jelq with the right technique you do run the risk of misshaping your penis. The most common shaped side effect from doing this is the baseball bat effect.

The baseball bat effect is where the head of your penis becomes thicker than your shaft creating a baseball bat like shape. This unwanted side effect can be an occurrence from jelqing improperly.  

The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure you have read up on the correct jelqing techniques, how to hold your penis correctly and the right way to milk your penis. You don’t just want to be milking the top of your shaft; you want to be working your entire penis. If you follow the right techniques and practises this problem should never occur.

Dry jelqing without any lubrication, should you do it?

Yes, you can dry jelq. However I would never recommend it to anyone starting to learn to jelq. ‘Dry jelqing’ is essentially less arousing than ‘wet jelqing’ so you might hold back your erection, but dry jelqing is much harder on the penis skin then doing it wt. This can cause discomfort and a variety of side effects.

I would always recommend to start off with wet jelqing and once you have good technique and seeing results then maybe consider move onto the dry jelqing. It’s more for seasoned professionals then first time amateurs.

You are also at a higher risk of causing the ‘donut’ effect –  a large swelling around the circumference of your penis, near your glans. The reason it’s called the donut effect is because the swelling looks similar in shape. This has not been known to cause any long term problems, and the swelling typically subsides within a few hours.

Always start with wet jelqing

I know I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again as it is so incredibly important for anyone who wants to learn how to jelq, always start with some form of lubrication when you are jelqing. Think of the lubrication like the training wheels when you’re learning to ride a bike. The lubrication will help you learn how to jelq.

However, with that said once you are well practised and exercised with jelqing then you can take off the training wheels, stop using lubrications and start to dry jelq if you so wish. Both techniques will end with the same results; it will eventually come down to personal preference. Personally I prefer to wet jelq whenever I can, but if I don’t have much time or run out of lubrication then I will happily dry jelq.

Learn how to jelq

Now you have some techniques to help you when it comes to jelqing, you will want to learn how to jelq. By that I mean learning the right hand movements, positions, stroke length, all of that and more. If you are happy with the jelqing techniques I have outlined on this page then click here to read up on learning how to jelq.

Final Thoughts

As previously mentioned at the start of this page, jelqing takes a lot of time and dedication to see results. It’s not for everyone, and if you’re not serious about it you will only be wasting your time trying to grow your penis. If you think it sounds like a lot of effort and it’s not for you then don’t worry. There are products available to buy that do the exact same thing as jelqing, but will make your penis grow at a quicker rate. To see all the bigger penis products I have reviewed then click here.