The Basics of Proven Penis Extenders

We would like to welcome you to a blogsite that is going to be dealing almost exclusively with penis extenders. If it is information on these devices that you are looking for, then you will not need another site ever again. It is our only goal to provide you with the info you are looking for and nothing else. On this blogsite, you will learn about the things that you need to keep in mind when using penis extenders, about the comparison between penis extenders and other viable and realistic penis enlargement options and so on. In this article, we will give you a brief introduction into these spectacular devices, just so you have the basics laid out for you.

We should probably start with the history of penis extenders and how they came to be. The experts who worked on the first penis extender in the late 80s and early 90s wanted to replicate the effects that they have observed in different cultures around the globe and in the practices of modern medicine in elongating extremities and digits. However, they wanted to make sure that this is done as painless and as safely as possible. That is how the first penis extender came to be and after grueling testing and clinical trials, it was first introduced in Europe in 1995. Since then, we have seen many new models coming out, some better than the original, some worse, but all of them trying to get in on the huge market for penis extenders that soon discovered the amazing potential of these devices.

Today, we can safely say this, penis extenders make for the majority of penis enlargement products being sold worldwide. And if you thought this is just a fad, then you are very much mistaken. The fact is that penis extenders are so far ahead of all other penis enlargement options that it is really no choice to make. It is all very clear – if you want a bigger penis and you want to achieve this safely, there is only one way to go and that way is with penis extenders.

If you have never seen a penis extender before, it is a device that consists of three most important parts. First, there is the strap which is put around the waste and which holds the penis extender in place. There is also a ring or strap or something else, depending on the model, which is attached to the tip of the penis, usually just behind the glans. The strap and the ring (we will call it ring for the time being) are then attached together by usually two rods which apply the stretching we have mentioned before. This stretching, thanks to the process of microtears and new tissue growth leads to a permanent gain in penis size.

We should now also point out that wearing a penis extender is something you should not take too lightly. It is required to wear it at least for six months, with at least six hours put in every day. We know that this sounds harsh and that you probably think there is no way anyone can accomplish this, but the fact is that these devices are made so that they are very, very comfortable. This will allow you to wear your penis extender for far longer than just six recommended hours. There are stories coming from men who have said they have worn their penis extenders for 12 or more hours.

And even if they weren’t that comfortable, the results would definitely make up for any discomfort, with the increase in length being anywhere between 15% and 35% and in girth of up to 20%. These are some very spectacular results and we believe you will agree with us when we say that this is something that can make a man think.